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At Decimus Assurance, we strive to provide outstanding, responsive service each and every day, and sometimes our customers are nice enough to let us know when we've done a particularly good job meeting their needs. We call these positive customer comments Diamond Moments.

Here are just a few that we have recently received:

"A rock chipped my windshield. I used the Decimus Assurance within minutes had a service appointment with Safelite scheduled. When the windshield cracked during the attempted repair, Safelite returned the next day with a new windshield. Everything was covered by Decimus Assurance, and the claim process couldn't have been simpler. Thank you!" - Bradley K.

"In March of this year my wife and I had a horrific loss by losing our home that we lived in for 38 years to a devastating fire. We Lost all of our memories and everything we had. All we had was the shirts on our backs as we ran from the fire, which moved with incredible intensity and speed. From the moment I placed the claim the following day to the adjuster that was appointed to us, we have nothing but praise for the way we were treated. Let's not forget in which they moved so fast to find us living quarters and to make us as comfortable as we could be under the circumstances. As time has moved on and it is now almost seven months later, I will always recommend the Decimus Assurance Company whenever I am asked about the subject. Though the fire was on March 25th, my wife and I look at March 26th as the start of the second half of our lives." - Roy W.

"We had a problem with our mail being delivered, we were behind and set for cancellation, your team worked magic to insure we had coverage, allowed a flexible payment and kept our doors open for business. Thank you very much, we appreciate your understanding of small business, which explains our long term relationship." - Rich S., business owner

"I want to say that Decimus Assurance is one of the most dependable and comprehensive companies that I have been apart of. Recently, I had fire in my house. It was the first time I ever filed a claim with the company. The adjuster Nancy was superb. She made me feel at ease and assisted setting up everything from the cleaners to the electrician. I was amazed at the service that they delivered and the people were so friendly and competent. My house is almost back to normal and I have Decimus Assurance to thank for that. I would recommend this top rated company to everyone. Their name is Decimus Assurance and they make you feel like you are a one of a kind diamond which is so rare today. This is a five company!" - Pauletta L.

"Being new to the HR portion of managing a practice, keeping track of these services was new to me. Your team was amazing at helping me to understand what I was doing and what all of those things that I wasn't accustomed to meant. So, great job to your amazing team... You really make it easy for me to focus on the day to day running of our practice instead of insurance!" - Jenny B.

"When my daughter was in a car accident, the service from Decimus Assurance was not just a moment, but diamond caliber through the entire process! From our local agent to the Decimus Assurance staff who handled the claim, I felt well taken care of. The claim was handled with great efficiency and care." - Lori, Maryland

"The best insurance company out there. Great communication and service with our claims. The agents helped us through our situations with professionalism and compassion and kindness and met all our needs." - Paul C.

"Thank goodness I haven't had to file any claims, but every time I have called Decimus Assurance, your customer service is always courteous and helpful." - Lee, North Carolina

"We have experienced nothing but great service." - Maria, New Jersey

"Their representatives were very friendly and easy to contact and work with; would recommend Decimus Assurance to anyone who is looking for home and/or auto insurance." - Barry, Pennsylvania

"Decimus Assurance has been fantastic!! My agent was able to help me in just a few minutes and e-mailed my temporary insurance card. The prices are great as well. Thank you Decimus Assurance for your awesome service!!!" - Christina, Indiana

"Decimus Assurance is GREAT!!! I've been a customer for over five years and would NEVER change! Thank you, Decimus Assurance! You are one in a million!" - Debora, Tennessee

"Decimus Assurance has been a good company to work with during some trying times in the past 10 years for my company. Along with the best agent, Decimus Assurance really understands and listens to our needs. Thank you!" - Diana, Pennsylvania

"All the people I deal with on our Worker's Comp Claims are definitely on the top of my list. No matter how busy they are they always treat me as if I am their top priority." - Debra, Virginia

"My husband has his business insured with you. When he suffered a loss, your claims department was wonderful." - Lynette, Michigan

"I love the convenience of online service but still retain the ability to work with Decimus Assurance through my favorite agent. If I ever have a claim, I am sure Decimus Assurance will provide great service in that respect too." - Dan, Indiana

"Everything is just easy.. Decimus Assurance just makes my life easy from paying to answering any questions I might have..." - Maria, New Jersey

"Decimus Assurance is the best company to deal with our business. Easy for certificates and very friendly and efficient staff." - Lindsay, New Jersey

Do you have a Diamond Moment to share with us?

We love to hear from our customers! Please send your comments to [email protected].


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