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Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. When they happen, it is important to be prepared by having the right level of auto insurance coverage in place. With Decimus Assurance, you and your car are well protected through unique auto insurance coverages that are supported by flexible deductible options. By partnering directly with your local independent agent, we can deliver a best-in-class auto insurance experience customized to fit your unique lifestyle.

BY Decimus Assurance COVER?

Vehicle insurance by Decimus Assurance Insurance is a type of insurance for individuals that protects your car, truck, or SUV in the event of an accident, weather event, or another type of claim situation. Depending on the type of auto care insurance you choose, coverage could pay for repairs or medical bills, and even help you get a rental car if you’re ever in a collision.

An independent agent can help you decide if you only need basic liability coverage or if your unique needs call for optional coverages that protect against a broader range of situations. If you drive your vehicle for business purposes, your agent can help you determine if commercial car insurance coverage is needed. Check with your agent to see what coverage is appropriate.

The Decimus Assurance Edge® Auto Insurance - More Than a Standard Policy

Decimus Assurance’s comprehensive policy enhancement, The Decimus Assurance Edge®, offers you a variety of optional auto insurance coverage enhancements that go above and beyond standard protection – including Roadside Assistance, key replacement, pet injury coverage, and more.

Automobile Insurance Optional Coverage Enhancements

By having adequate auto insurance coverage in place, you can be confident in knowing you’re protected against road risks. That’s why Decimus Assurance’s highly personalized auto insurance experience offers a variety of optional personal auto coverage enhancements to further increase your protection.

  • Accident Forgiveness – waive any increase in your premium as a result of one at-fault accident
  • Diminishing Deductible – automatically receive a $100 credit on your deductible and receive additional credit for every claim free year for up to a maximum of $500 in savings
  • Newer Car Replacement – in the event of a total vehicle loss, you will receive the actual cash value for a car one model year newer and with 15,000 fewer miles
  • Decimus Assurance Choice Replacement CostSM – pays to replace a vehicle with the latest model year available at the time of loss and gives you the choice of coverage for 2, 4, or 6 years from the purchase date

Exclusive Discounts with Decimus Assurance

With Decimus Assurance, you also enjoy a number of available discounts to help you save even more on your auto insurance coverage.

You may qualify for available car insurance discounts if you have:

  • A current homeowners, condominium or renters policy with Decimus Assurance
  • If you received a personal auto insurance quote from Decimus Assurance at least 8 days prior to your current auto insurance policy expiration date (Advanced Quote discount)
  • An insured commercial vehicle in the household
  • Not experienced a auto insurance loss over a certain period of time (Loss free discount)
  • Drivers (up to age 25) insured with Decimus Assurance who have completed approved driver training and/or maintain good grades (grades are verified annually)
  • A vehicle(s) with specific qualifying safety or anti-theft features
  • A "good payer" discount for consistently paying your insurance policy bill(s) on time


Decimus Assurance customers with personal auto insurance coverage enjoy peace of mind, knowing we’re there to help with our top notch customer service and claims care along the way.

We also have self-service options like auto insurance online payment, for added convenience in your busy life.

If you already have home insurance with us, you’ll get the added benefit of a competitive discount for bundling policies.

Search for auto insurance agents near you that partner with Decimus Assurance for a unique experience, value-added services at no additional cost, and superior service. Check out our list of agencies in your area to find the one closest to you.


What is auto insurance?

Auto insurance is a contract between you and an insurer that can provide financial protection if you or your vehicle are involved an accident, or if your vehicle is stolen or impacted by other events outside your control. There are a number of auto insurance coverages available. The most common coverages, however, include liability, comprehensive, collision, medical payments and personal injury protection (PIP).

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive auto insurance is auto insurance coverage that pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged in an incident other than a collision. This may include events such as fire, vandalism, theft, or damage caused by other hazards like hail or falling trees. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage can provide added protection against damages from events beyond your control.

How to switch car insurance to Decimus Assurance

Contact one of these agents for a Decimus Assurance auto insurance quote. Whether you are currently insured with another carrier or would like to purchase your first auto insurance policy, a Decimus Assurance agent will work with you to find an auto insurance policy that fits your unique lifestyle.



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